Is this just fantasy?

Game Guide Spreadsheets

After a discussion with someone on another blog ( I thought I’d try this. the caveat is that all my spreadsheet files are works in progress, always being tweaked and adjusted. This is not the final version. There likely never will be a final version. As I think of something I need to keep track of, I add another sheet.

Here’s a nice simple one as an example, for the original Suikoden. All that I’ve been tracking in it are the people I’m recruiting, what my opponents say in a one on one duel, and the composition of the war battle teams. All my workbooks are Excel, because that’s what I have, and they’re not really intended for anyone but me. Sometimes this may lead to the column titles not making sense to anyone that has not been inside my head.

All of this, of course is info that can be found online readily – either the Wiki, or GameFAQs, or in this case, Suikosource. But why have a dozen tabs open in my browser (or one hundred and eight?), when I can consolidate all the info into one spreadsheet, and know at a glance, that Viktor is awesome?

Feel free to play around with it, if you want. Even share it around, just please give me a little credit, ok? Consolidating that much data takes a while. I may share other workbooks in future, I tend to make them for almost every game I play. If you’re interested in seeing what I may have for a specific game, feel free to ask. I may not have one – I tend to shy away from playing most of the really popular games – but Final Fantasies, Suikodens, Skyrim and Inquisition, sure, got those.


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